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This is my music, works and other collaborations; you can select and listen some of them on mp3 player (upside).

frances lerouge´s

tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo

my personal plan :)

rawmatroid puzzle for art's sake [rwclub009]
01. astroboyz - Identity
02. Dan Hiroshi feat. Suite - Aloof
03. Kino Internacional - Kursaal Rules
04. Subsotano - Deeper Underground
05. Pitwo - Hong Kong Nights
06. Miguel Arrieta - Grandiflora del pagés
07. The Observer - Regresión
08. David Granha - Home
09. John Axiom - My love no finish
10. Lefrenk - SquareSawSine
11. Domagk - Gasmake (James McConaghew mix)
12. Frances Lerouge - Tengo un plan perfecto para salvar el mundo
13. SIC - Una Buena Amistad (original remix)
14. Frances Lerouge - Azules y Negro (Ni lo Serendipia remix)
15. Kebiin - Esto es el fin
16. A.G.M! & Qüintrix - Inner Demon
17. TechAmplifier - Atelka
18. Armed - Schemeck Radio 0.4 Manylor

lefrenk & frances lerouge - cuentos & cantigas (nv016)

the result of mixin' lefrenk, lobo, dani & frances lerouge

[nv016] lefrenk & frances lerouge - cuentos & cantigas ep
01. lefrenk & frances lerouge - domingo de otoño en primavera
02. lefrenk - érase una vez
03. frances lerouge - el cuento de dani y el lobo

azules y negro (rwclub006 2009)

love, dreams and good feelings are usually the best inspiration for art
electro sound and minimal progg with a personal melody

estar en casa (rwclub006 2009)

inspired by a mixture of feelings of peace and protection to be back at home and the sense of belonging to a family
a casa da leiteira has been the catalyst

glisandos, letras e arranxos (rwclub006 2009)

a symbol of identity and a geographic reference, a statement of principles and an amount of people
this extra/rare track is a tune made with no drums, formal metrics and consonant rhymes

el niño (rwclub002 2008)

i usually feel like a child, perceiving and wanting to express like him
one minimal-techno base includes a shout of calling and expression
id_tool (rwclub002 2008)

percusive a-melodic tool
pequeñas cosas que contribuyen a mi felicidad (intro mix) (2007, unreleased)

some released notes can reach to me some happyness
this intro version reflects a simple concept of an minimalist electro atmosphere

poema (2007)

one sample of an aspirine being dissolved and a deep-light pad left me to a calmed state of abstraction

Puedo escribir una historia,
como estar soñando.
Sonidos y notas que cuelgan,
colores de un retrato.

iza presents acidfunk # funk train (lerouge´s 13h live tool mix) (2007)

the techno essence from original traduced with minimal sounds


0rh- (2009)

frances lerouge [audio/video] & parasit's audiovisual [video] project about blood donation, in collaboration with javier alvedro lodeiro (paréntesis psicótico) [stop motion] y paula campo hortas [voces]

stripart (2009)

oscar escribano's audiovisual project for mostra d'art jove d'horta-guinardó (ajuntament de barcelona)
short video about impact of architectural structures on man, and the interaction of skin and stone
audio by magin

fotolámparas (2009)

mahoney's project build around photography, audio and new media
10 fotolámparas handmade with one audio track compound by magin for each one

reset (2008)

pablohoney's audiovisual project for universisad de comunicación audiovisual de a coruña
4 visual panels, 4 speakers and an interactive-story
audio by magin

dé-construcció (2007)

oscar escribano's audiovisual project for barcelona visual sound festival 2007
short video about uncontrolled construction and return to man
audio by magin

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