frances lerouge # el niño (kebiin rmx)

I have uploaded to mp3 player a new tune as Frances Lerouge, you can select and listen it. If you have problems to do it, pause the player and wait some minutes for loading; try again after this.

One more time I feel very honored for listening one diferent vision of another musician of "el niño".
I love this track because it reflects perfectly essence of remix concept; it really sounds like Kebiin, but it still remembering Frances Lerouge.
Thank-you very much Kebiin :)

frances lerouge # el niño (kebiin rmx)

this is the remix of "el niño" made by Kebiin (Distorsion Armonica)
Kebiin´s personal minimalistic atmosferic sounds with a improved lenghtened change
deep progg line with the trance emotion of "el niño"

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